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January 29, 2010

Building Blues Licks with Barre-Chord Shapes

I like to construct blues licks out of certain chord positions, and that’s exactly what I’ve done in the example below. I centered the riff here around a D barre chord that you would normally play at the tenth fret. If you break that chord into bite-size two-string phrases, you will find an infinite number of lick possibilities.

Music Example

Start out with a hammer-on from the minor third to the major third. Nothing spells blues like the dynamic tension between the major and minor third. Follow that with a bend on the second string from the 12th to the 13th fret. This bend (from the major 6th to the dominant 7th) always sounds great. You can get even more from this lick by delaying the bend or drawing it out.

By Pete Madsen

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